In the Saddle

Unique Saddle Collection of J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum by Anna Holton-Dean J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum in Claremore is not only home to the largest privately-held firearms collection in the world but also thousands of non-firearm artifacts, ranging from Old West saddles and spurs, John Rogers statuary, Toby mugs and beer steins, […] read more >

Esophageal Choke In Horses:

Signs, Causes, Treatment & Prevention WRITTEN BY: Grace Owen, DVM Equine Medical Associates | Edmond Choke in horses refers to an esophageal blockage that is usually caused by food material. It is most common in older horses with poor dentition but can occur in any age category. Unlike humans, when a horse is choked, it […] read more >

Fall Adventures

Prime Equestrian Campgrounds in Oklahoma WRITTEN BY: Casie Bazay There’s no better time of year than fall to take a camping trip with your horse and enjoy a trail ride where you can view some of Oklahoma’s most beautiful sights. Fortunately, our state has numerous campgrounds with equestrian-friendly facilities, including many where you don’t have […] read more >

Equine Foraging Behavior:

Does it matter to you? By Dr. Kris Hiney Equine Extension Specialist | Oklahoma State University The best environments for horses are those that most closely mimic their natural state. Grazing fresh pasture and continual turn out offer the horse freedom of movement, mental stimulation and natural feeding behavior. Continuous intake of smaller meals fits […] read more >

Understanding Equine Herd Dynamics

To Work More Successfully With Your Equine Partner WRITTEN BY: Jennifer Cocoma Hustis The smile melted as 11-year-old Alexa looked at her mom with tears of surprise in her eyes. She whispered, “I never thought Bella would come to my drive-by birthday party.” It had been weeks since she had been to riding lessons due […] read more >

Making Dreams Come True

Pinto World Championship Show By Lechelle Calderwood Each summer, dreams come true at the Pinto World Championship Show. The details vary depending on the exhibitor’s age, experience and number of times having shown. The dreams range from completing a challenging class to having a good go to placing. Many goals include winning a buckle, saddle, […] read more >

Common Equine-Related Disputes

WRITTEN BY: Mary Westman, Esq. While research is conflicted on the actual date humans began to domesticate horses, there seems to be no debate that the dance between humans and equines has existed at least several thousand years.[1] Inevitably, where there are humans transacting, there will be conflict, and the equine industry is no exception. […] read more >


Combining the equine industry with data science BY KRISTI EATON SUMMER STOFFEL has been involved in the equine industry since she was a little girl. “I was introduced to horses as a child by my father, and I had a bad riding accident. He said if I wanted to continue riding, I had to take lessons,” […] read more >

Neurologic Diseases in Horses:

Early detection for better outcomes Written By Grace Owen, DVM Equine Medical Associates Edmond, OK Neurologic diseases in horses affect the central nervous system (CNS). They can sometimes be difficult to diagnose as many of them carry similar clinical signs. Some of these symptoms can be especially scary for horse owners as they involve varying […] read more >

Yelling Geronimo!

By Doris Degner-Foster Photos courtesy of Jeff Medders Jeff Medders took the plunge and figuratively yelled Geronimo! when he started his own production company—appropriately named Geronimo Productions— in 2008, which led to even more opportunities. Jeff knew he was ready to start his own production company after working for Winnercomm, a company which provides content […] read more >


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