Modern Frontier

Common Equine-Related Disputes

WRITTEN BY: Mary Westman, Esq. While research is conflicted on the actual date humans began to domesticate horses, there seems to be no debate that the dance between humans and equines has existed at least several thousand years.[1] Inevitably, where there are humans transacting, there will be conflict, and the equine industry is no exception. […] read more >


Combining the equine industry with data science BY KRISTI EATON SUMMER STOFFEL has been involved in the equine industry since she was a little girl. “I was introduced to horses as a child by my father, and I had a bad riding accident. He said if I wanted to continue riding, I had to take lessons,” […] read more >

What if your horses outlive you?

Written By: Kendra M. Norman It is not an easy topic of discussion, but as a horse owner, it is important to consider the care of your horses after your passing. To ensure proper care and management, it is imperative to make equine-specific prior arrangements as a part of your estate planning. Careful planning and […] read more >


Considerations for buyers and sellers By Mary Westman, Esq. When folks find out I practice equine law, they frequently ask what kind of horse-related issues I encounter in my practice. While equine law is wide-ranging, the vast majority of issues centers around the sale and purchase of horses. Unfortunately, complicating matters, it is not uncommon […] read more >


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