OklahomaHorses Magazine May/June 2020

OklahomaHorses Magazine May/June 2020 Publisher – Marilyn King  MKing@TulsaPetsMagazine.com Creative Director – Sally Roper Advertising Sales – Marilyn King, Steve Kirkpatrick, Rosalie Childs, Jimmy Jones Web Manager – Steve Kirkpatrick  Steve@TulsaPetsMagazine.com Editor – Anna Holton-Dean Contributing Writers – Marilyn King, Casie Bazay, Jennifer Cocoma Hustis, Doris Degner-Foster, Kris Hiney, DVM, Anna Holton-Dean, Shauna Lawyer Struby, Grace […] read more >

Working Equitation in Oklahoma

A fairly new sport making a name in the Sooner state By Jennifer Cocoma Hustis If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do with your horse, you might be drawn to the striking sport of working equitation (WE). WE combines the accuracy of dressage, the balance and timing of equitation over obstacles, […] read more >

Business Spotlight: Shawnee Feed Center

An Oklahoma Tradition At Shawnee Feed Center and Milling Company, they take great pride in producing some of the finest animal feeds in the industry. Formulated by a team of specialized animal nutritionists, their products are designed to maximize the performance and health of your animal. The Shawnee Feed Center team firmly believes that once […] read more >

Call of the Wild:

Oklahoma’s Mustangs By Casie Bazay In 1971, Congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, prohibiting private capture or killing of these animals. But not long after, when it became apparent overpopulation was posing a problem, an amendment was added allowing for roundup and adoption of “surplus” animals. The act has since been amended […] read more >

Cowboys, Indians and Horses

take visitors on an incomparable experience at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum By Shauna Lawyer Struby Photos courtesy of National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum In the early 1950s, Chester Reynolds, once a president of Lee Jeans and an entrepreneur, visited the Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore, Oklahoma, a limestone facility that opened […] read more >


Considerations for buyers and sellers By Mary Westman, Esq. When folks find out I practice equine law, they frequently ask what kind of horse-related issues I encounter in my practice. While equine law is wide-ranging, the vast majority of issues centers around the sale and purchase of horses. Unfortunately, complicating matters, it is not uncommon […] read more >

Equine Emergencies:

Planning for the Unexpected BY Grace Owen, DVM Equine Medical Associates Edmond, OK Being a horse owner is a huge responsibility. Accommodating the daily needs of your horse is easy to plan for. You know he will need a certain diet, hoof care and routine veterinary care. But what about the unexpected? What I have […] read more >


Whether you’re a casual trail rider or the competitive type, you’ve probably heard some doozies when it comes to horse myths and lore. But which ones are true? What isn’t true? We turned to our resident expert, Dr. Kris Hiney, to spread some light on common horse myths that circulate among the industry. Here are […] read more >


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