Shawnee Feed Center

40006 Hardesty Road Shawnee, OK



An Oklahoma Tradition

At Shawnee Feed Center and Milling Company, they take great pride in producing some of the finest animal feeds in the industry. Formulated by a team of specialized animal nutritionists, their products are designed to maximize the performance and health of your animal. The Shawnee Feed Center team firmly believes that once you try their products, you will agree their quality is second to none. It’s a tradition of excellence that has been going strong for over 100 years.


Founder J. Lloyd Ford moved to Oklahoma in 1901 and was employed as a flour salesman by Acme Milling Company. In 1906, he bought the mill with his life savings and renamed it Shawnee Milling Company.

The company continued to grow and thrive despite the challenges of the time, including a devastating fire that leveled the mill in 1934. It was one of the worst fires in Shawnee history, according to shawneemilling.com. By 1945, J. Lloyd’s son, Leslie J. Ford, took over as president of Shawnee Milling and led the company into a position of prominence in the post-war period.

Despite a second fire in 1954, Shawnee Milling continued to make strides, and, in 1964, they introduced their original convenience foods, Shawnee Baking Mixes. By 1987, the company won a spot on the Flexible Packaging Association’s list of the nation’s top 10 new packages.

Shawnee Milling Company continues to embody the term “family business” with the third and fourth generations at the helm today. Bill Ford (son of Leslie J. Ford) serves as chairman of the board of directors, and Bob Ford (also son of Leslie J. Ford) serves as executive vice president. In 2005, Joe Ford (son of Bill Ford) took over as vice president of operations. Now the president of Shawnee Milling Company, Joe Ford is committed to continuing the values that have made Shawnee Milling a household name.

“Our family has been fortunate to run the company since its founding in 1906, and many longtime employees are still here,” Joe Ford said. We take great pride in the products we make and in supporting the agricultural community of Oklahoma. We know a reputation of quality is earned every single day, and we focus on making every day better than yesterday.”

While remaining true to their values, the company continues to evolve and contend in the marketplace. In 2014, Shawnee Mills introduced a packaging refresh/logo which remains recognizable today and is likely sitting on your pantry shelf right now.

The food division of Shawnee Milling may be what people recognize with the popular variety of flour, cornmeal and baking mix products. But those same high-quality grains are also used to produce some of the finest feeds in the industry, sold at Shawnee Feed Center and their other stores.

At Shawnee Feed Center, you’ll find everything from feed, fertilizer and seed, to fencing supplies and all varieties of livestock equipment and chemicals, says Manager Jason Gray.

“A large part of Shawnee Milling’s success is the result of a partnership between us and the hard-working farmers who sell us quality grain and our valued customers,” says the Shawnee Feed team. “Our grain team is focused on buying the quality our customers require from producers who take pride in the quality they produce.”

At its core, the values of Shawnee Milling Company remain a tradition of family values, an insistence on quality products, a record of dependable and personal service, an offering of consistent value, and a family of friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated employees.

To learn more about the company, its products and history, visit shawneefeed.com, shawneemilling.com, or follow Shawnee Feed Center on Facebook.


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